The SADELTA BRAVO Plus is an electret base station microphone with amplifier, a two tone roger beep, provided also is PTT red LED (doubling as battery check), a modulation VU meter and a linear potentiometer modulation level  regler.
The MIC has a PTT lock facility, is very well built, nice footprint,full metal jacket, labels are high quality. The Roger Beep is switchable ( switch at the rear of the case).
This MIC is one of the very few I know using an IC in the amplification chain, this IC is a LM324N and it works perfectly, another IC a 4011 is used for the roger beep and there is still no problems to source these both IC for an needed repair ( just in case), well done SADELTA.


“Nutrition facts”
Year : 1982
Type of microphone : Electret
Microphone characteristic : omni directional
Sensitivity : unknow
Nominal output : unknow
Measured output : 600mV (potentiometer @ max)
Max output : 1200mV (@98dBSPL)
Output at mid range : 60mV
Frequency response : 200Hz – 5500KHz
Output impedance : 950 Ohm (measured)
Amplifier voltage gain : not given
Compression : No
Meter : Yes
Echo : No
Lock switch : Yes
Tx LED : Yes (also use for battery control)
Roger Beep : yes two tones (switchable)
Battery : 9V
Remarks : All measurements were made with 600 Ohm load @ 94dBSPL. You will see below, the bandwidth curve I got from this mike (real world).


Open the curve in a new window.

Pub SADELTA 1988

A 1988 SADELTA ads with the BRAVO PLUS and brothers.

Finding any technical documentation, commercial ads or other information about the SADELTA BRAVO Plus was impossible. You will find below a link for a supposed correct home made schematic. This schematic is based on a SADELTA ECHO MASTER PLUS schematic drawn by Rick Jackson from Euro Radio Corp, the BRAVO Plus is a non echo version from the ECHO MASTER PLUS.


Download this schematic.


Link to a dealer with specifics spares parts for sadelta.

Listen to the sound of the SADELTA BRAVO Plus.

My opinion, a very good microphone with a very clear and natural well-balanced modulation, silent pedal switch, full metal jacket. This microphone is as good for DX-communications as for local FM or AM rag-chewing.

Seen price:  50€ (good used conds) to +/-150€ boxed as new.

My rating : 5/5. (nothing bad about this mic).

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