1974 a new TURNER mic hit the market, it was the TURNER SUPER SIDEKICK. It was not a successor to the best selling microphone, at that time, the TURNER +3B, as both were on sell for at least seven years side by side. It was as TURNER said, a microphone devoted and tailored to SSB. The circuit was much more simple than the +3B, the SUPER SIDEKICK used only one transistor for amplification and one IC, when the +3B use four. The SSK didn’t have the famous and very good compressor the +3B used, this was a mystery to a lot of people and lead to long discussions to which one was the best. Most of the time the +3B was preferred. The SSK had two gain controls, not a revolutionary idea, but the one below the body could be used as a limiter. Potentiometer were probably cheaper than transistor at that time. I personally prefer the sound and technic of the +3B but the look of the SSK.



“Nutrition facts”
Year : 1974
Type of microphone : Dynamic
Microphone characteristic : omni directional
Sensitivity : -25dB (given)
Nominal output : 562mV
Measured output : 250mV
Max output : 600mV @ 103dBSPL
Output at mid Range : 40mV
Output impedance : 100 ohm (given)
Measured output impedance : 210 ohm (measured @ 2.5KHz)
Frequency response : Not given (see curve below)
Amplifier voltage gain : Not given
Compression : None
Meter : No
Echo : No
Lock switch : Yes
Tx LED : No
Battery : 9V
Battery test : No
External power supply : No


Remarks, Measurement have been made at 94dBSPL unless noted (at 1KHz and 600Ohm load) using a fresh 9V battery. -25dB (0dB=1Volt/microbar) is a quite old reference system used mostly by non european manufacturers. -25dB(0dB=1Volt/microbar) is equivalent to -5dB(0dB=1Volt/Pa) the now used reference. This means that if you speak loud (not cry) in your microphone from about 2 inches a distance you should get 562mV(max output) at the output of the microphone (at 1KHz and 600Ohm load).
My sample mic as a typical TURNER respons curve with two peaks tailored for SSB DX. The curve where very clean on the scope with no visible distorsion before 600mV output at 1KHz @ 600ohm @ 103dBSPL.




SUPER SIDEKICK specifications and user-manual

Listen to the sound of the TURNER SUPER SIDEKICK



My opinion,  A good microphone with a cristal clear high piched modulation tailored for ssb DX or the one who wants a powerfull AM modulation , silent pedal switch, full metal jacket. Built to highest standart and built to last. A microphone that could be very powerfull if needed. I find the compressor from the +3B is really missing and the output level could be tricky to adjust to avoid distorsion, the dynamic of the mic could have been smaller.

Seen price:  30€ (used conds) to 275€(mint boxed). Hard to find in mint condition.

My evaluation : 4/5

3 thoughts on “TURNER SUPER SIDEKICK (1974)

  1. i have a ssk and a +3b that are boxed and have never been used. never even had mike plugs fitted to them, i have a few used ones that i do use and they sound great


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