ASTATIC 1104C (1977)

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The next microphone in this collection is the ASTATIC 1104C, C stand for ceramic insert. The insert is the PMC-576-2 and seems to be the same as the one in the D104-M6. This insert is still to buy on the bay but hurry up as the stock is very limited. I can’t confirm if both inserts are identical as I don’t own the D104-M6 by now. The  ASTATIC 1104C microphone has to be correctly adjusted to give the best modulation, when correctly adjusted this MIC is very good. There is an extra volume adjustement inside the body mic, don’t forget it just in case.  The 1104C uses a 9-volt battery a die cast zinc base and ABS housing. The 1104C amplifier and 6 wire cable make it compatible with all modern radio transceivers.
This MIC got a 5/5 on
The buttons for the tone and volume control are also still to buy on the net (15 pieces still in stock at the time of writting this review).


The first appearance from the ASTATIC 1104C in an ASTATIC add was in april 1977 and sorry to say as there’re very little informations available about this MIC, so I won’t be very prolific this time. Price tag was 83$ at that time.


“Nutrition facts”

Year : April 1977
Type of microphone : Ceramic
Microphone characteristic : Semidirectional
Sensitivity : -25dB (0dB = 1Volt/microbar)
Nominal output : 562mV
Measured output : 250mV
Max output : 1000mV @ 112dBSPL
Output at mid range : 50mV
Frequency response : 100Hz to 6000Hz
Output impedance : 5000Ohm max. (100Ohm min)
Amplifier voltage gain : not given
Tonal control : Yes
Compression : No
Meter : No
Echo : No
Lock switch : Yes
Tx LED : No
Battery : 9V

Remarks, -25db (0dB=1Volt/microbar) is a quite old reference system used mostly by non european manufacturers. -25dB (0dB=1Volt/microbar) is equivalent to -5dB (0dB=1Volt/Pa) the now used reference. This means that if you speak loud (not cry) in your microphone from about 2 inches a distance you should get 562mV @ 94dBSPL at the output of the microphone @ 5KOhm load. The MIC output was a little low at 1KHz (below specs) but at 3KHz the output was 500mV so I didn’t borrow to adjust the inside potentiometer which was at mid position.

Please note that the measured output value above will normally be given @ 1KHz and 600Ohm load @ 94dBSPL.caution radio hazard

ASTATIC 1014C US user manual :

ASTATIC 1014CFrench user manual :

Listen to the sound of the ASTATIC 1104C, both potentiometer at mid range.

My evaluation : 4 stars from 5. Very well MIC but I miss some low tones and a little compression would have been welcome. I’ve never found a perfect position for the tone control, the level difference between the low and the high tone was always too big.

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