SADELTA ECHO MASTER Plus Classic (1991)

A friend of mine said I should review a new brand and that it should be SADELTA. I was unable to locate one of the first desk MIC, in good shape, made by this manufacturer, like the MP-22. This MIC was already good in original state and could be vastly improved regarding “power” output, bandwidth, precision of the vu-meter using very simple to do modification. Due to breakers demands, up to a certain timeline, SADELTA only produced MIC with echo capabilities. Sry for it, but I was only able to find an old SADELTA MIC with echo. I will put two sound files, one with echo and the other one without.

This mic is or was sold under several brand and model names.
So you can find it under:

Sadelta ECHO MASTER Plus Classic
Galaxy ECHO MASTER Plus Classic


Sadelta echo master classic plus


The SADELTA ECHO MASTER Plus Classic is an electret base station microphone with amplifier, and echo.
This one was manufactured in the 90’s by SADELTA of Spain and is still in production and to buy under the name of Galaxy ECHO MASTER Plus Classic (quite rare for an almost 30 years old electronic device).
This MIC was also to be found under the brand ALBRECHT (a german reseller). In that case, to respect the law in Germany at that time, this mic doesn’t have the lock label near the PTT, even if it was possible to lock the mic with a simple mod or even without mod.
This MIC is very well built, nice footprint,full metal jacket, labels are high quality. There’s a switchable Roger Beep ( switch at the rear of the case). The echo is adjustable and can be fully disable, so your QSO partner won’t know about this capability if you are aschamed HI .

“Nutrition facts”
Year : 1991
Type of microphone : Electret
Microphone characteristic : omni directional
Sensitivity : -30dB
Nominal output : 316mV
Measured output : 400mV (potentiometer @ max)
Max output : 1000mV (@102dBSPL)
Output at mid range : 70mV
Frequency response : 300Hz – 2000KHz (in fact much wider)
Output impedance : 1KOhm
Amplifier voltage gain : not given
Compression : No
Meter : Yes two
Echo : Yes
Lock switch : Yes
Tx LED : Yes (also use for battery control)
Roger Beep : yes (switchable)
Battery : 9V
Remarks : measurement made without echo. All measurements were made with 600 Ohm load @ 94dBSPL. You will see below, the bandwidth curve I got from this mike (real world).


My opinion, a very good microphone with a very clear and well-balanced modulation, silent pedal switch, full metal jacket. This microphone is as good for DX-communications as for local FM or AM rag-chewing.
Seen price:  20€ (poor conds) to 80€(new in box)

My rating : 4.7/5

Listen to the SADELTA ECHO MASTER Plus classic sound (potentiometer at mid range, with echo).

Listen to the SADELTA ECHO MASTER Plus Classic (potentiometer at mid range, without echo).

echo master plus classic Schematic

echo master plus classic layout

Regards from LX2SM, all comments welcome.

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